Materials and how they are used in society to benefit and enhance our lives is a driving force behind my passion. In a simpler fashion when looking at a material, I ask the fundamental question, "What can it be?" I have a deep respect for trees and the ecology they sustain in this world, ultimately benefiting the human population. Throughout my work I strive to encompass and highlight this respect and admiration.

By working closely with local suppliers, I am able to hand select material for all my projects. This enables me to obtain better yields and finished products.

I believe in using wood indigenous to British Columbia such as western maple, douglas fir, and hemlock. This practice promotes jobs in the value-added sector. My best example of this might be my 2-fold coffee table, available in both douglas fir and hemlock (comprised of both veneer and solid wood).

I also prefer using domestic sheet goods, such as pre finished ply with water based lacquers and soy based glues. Most of my furniture is finished with a non toxic oil-wax finish, providing a look appreciated by myself and clients alike.

Working in this way does increase some up-front costs, however those will be negligible throughout the lifetime of the piece. Thank you for your interest.

Michael Higgins

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